A rural campus setting

The rural setting of this 35-acre campus at the foot of Mt. Taylor is reflected in agrarian references in both architecture and site landscape. An entry road lined with flowering fruit trees leads into the campus. Parking terraces, graded into the slope, are planted with perennial grasses, echoing the vernacular landscape of the surrounding hills. A hedgerow of poplars leads into the campus center.
Outdoor spaces within the building complex focus views out to the oak studded hills that surround the campus. A stairway ascends to the central plaza connecting the gymnasium, theater, library, and classroom buildings. Smaller courts function as outdoor gathering and classroom breakout spaces. .A bowled amphitheater is sculpted into the slope and functions as a ceremonial gathering space for the school. The main play field takes advantage of a flatter portion of the site and has seating benched into the slope below the gymnasium.